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Fellows Colloquium - Alex Klotz
DNA Chainmail: The Physics of DNA Knots

DNA is best known as the carrier of genetic information, but its properties make it suited for the study of materials. Many modern materials are made of long stringy molecules called polymers, but most synthetic polymers are too small to study one molecule at a time. DNA is a very big naturally occurring polymer, and has been used as an experimental system to study the physics of polymers.

Dr. Klotz will discuss his work in this field, starting with an exploration of the physics of knots in DNA, which led him to his more recent work: the DNA of a parasite that is entirely knots, made of thousands of loops linked together like chainmail armor. Much like regular DNA has allowed us to learn more about polymers, these membrane-like DNA chainmail structures can tell us about the physics of a new class of emerging two-dimensional materials.

Hosted by the Fellows of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
California State University, Long Beach

Nov 5, 2021 07:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Fellows of the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
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