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Citizen Involvement and Land Use Planning in Neskowin, with Sarah Absher. - Shared screen with speaker view
Dana Buckley
Audio feed is fading in and out.
Jean Cameron
When will we see the current planning boundaries for Neskowin?
Julie Russell
Why not set boundaries for Neskowin to become a city? The population has been growing, the density of the village has been growing, roads need repairs, there are safety issues, and other things that might benefit from a city tax base and leadership…
Chris Silkowski
Julie - This will be a separate webinar discussion.
Chris Silkowski
There will also be survey questions on this topic but we (as a community) need to first understand the pros and cons on the topic. We plan to have subject matter experts educate us in a future session.
Denny McNally
After what happened in Tierra Del Mar with Facebook it is hard to feel like the community voice is heard. Can you speak to how our plan can keep that from happening in Neskowin?
Gwenn McGill
Want to thank Sarah for her time and for her commitment to this process on our behalf.
Denny McNally
Isn’t it true that even if this process goes through years of work and community input it can be changed by a vote of 2 commissioners?
Nancy Vandell
Can we get a copy of the presentation, please?
Denny McNally
The latter
Brenda Freshman
The complete session is being recorded and will be posted to the Neskowin Community Channel, you will receive a link through the communication channels.
Brenda Freshman
There is you tube channel.
Patricia Ihnat
Follow up to the last question: Can the commissioners approve changes to the Plan that the CAC does not support?
Denny McNally
My understanding was that the Facebook zone change was opposed by every speaker at the town meeting with the commissioners
Jean Cameron
Chris, can you post a copy of the map behind you on the NCAC site?
Nancy Vandell
Is there any prospective zoning change for being able to build a home on a lot that was zoned for a home when the lot was purchased in the 1950’s or other times?
Nancy Vandell
Biff Schlicting
Thank You